RESIDENCY FOR ECONOMIC REASONS - Development Law no. 115/2017

Residency for economic reasons is granted to a foreigner who opens a company in San Marino or takes over an existing one.
The applicant shall: 
- hold at least 51% of the company;
- hire from 1 to 3 resident workers on an open-ended contract, depending on whether the sectors in question are to be encouraged or not; 
- pay an annual contribution for healthcare and social security benefits equal to €350.00 per capita;
- at the time of the application, make a secured bank deposit of €75,000, to be increased to €150,000 within two years of obtaining the residency (replaceable with purchase of property with a lien in favour of the State). Such bank deposit may be replaced by bank or insurance guarantee issued by a San Marino supervised entity.

Residency may be extended to the spouse/cohabiting partner and to dependent or disabled children under the age of 25.

The maximum annual number of residence permits that can be granted is 50.