The San Marino law regulates companies having their seat in the territory of the Republic. Such companies must be established by a notarial public deed in one of the following forms READ ALL

The Shareholders' meeting

This is the deliberative body in which the wishes of the company are formed. The Shareholder’s Meeting meets at least once a year within five months of the close of the company’s financial year and its role concerns...READ MORE


They have the power to carry out all the actions deemed necessary or useful for achieving the company purpose, with the exception of those that by law or the Articles of Association require a deliberation of the Shareholders’Meeting...READ MORE

Statutory Auditors and Board of Statutory Auditors

The Statutory Auditor is the body that has the function of controlling company accounts.The appointment of a Statutory Auditor is compulsory...READ MORE

Company documents

Companies must keep, using computerized tools if required, an accounts journal, an inventory and a register of depreciable assets. They must also tidily keep original communication documents and invoices received for each transaction...READ MORE

Balance sheet

The balance sheet is the document through which, for every company financial year that usually coincides with the solar year, the directors make it possible to acquire a general picture of the company’s asset and liability position and the economic results relating to asset management...READ MORE