Banking and financial system

San Marino banking and financial system has evolved in recent years, combining the traditional retail and private banking activities with new products and services to progressively meet the needs of all types of customers.
The Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino is the Supervisory Authority of San Marino banking, financial and insurance sector.

The institutions of San Marino, in addition to ensuring a regulatory environment and controls in line with the best standards, are committed to the progressive integration of the banking and financial system in the international capital market through the signing of a significant number of agreements against double taxation and agreements for the exchange of information with other countries.
The progressive expansion of the target markets is also favoured by the positive evaluations on San Marino formulated by all the main supranational bodies (from the International Monetary Fund to the OECD, from Moneyval to the European Union), which confirm the levels of excellence achieved in terms of transparency and increase the attractiveness of the San Marino marketplace.

The activity of San Marino banking and financial system is governed by Law no. 165 of 17 November 2005 and subsequent amendments (Law on Companies and Banking, Financial and Insurance Services-LISF) and by implementing measures, including regulations, circulars and recommendations issued by the Central Bank. In particular, Regulation 2007-07 governs the collection of savings and banking activity.
Entities authorised to carry out the reserved activities listed in the LISF, as well as financial promoters and insurance intermediaries, are supervised by the Central Bank.
San Marino banking institutions are members of San Marino Banking Association (ABS).

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Central Bank of San Marino
San Marino Bank Association
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