ROBOPAC world leader in the stretch film wrapping technology with a production of over 5000 machines/year, 70% of which exported of the main world markets. Four technologies have been developed by the Company: robot, turntables and rotating arms for stretch film load stabilization (core business), stretch film horizontal wrapping machines for elongated products, shrink film packaging machines and taping machines. Thanks to a worldwide capillary distribution network and to the spare parts servicing centers present in our foreign affiliates, Robopac ensures a quick and decisive after-sales service.


ROBOPAC S.p.A. a socio unico
via Fabrizio da Montebello, 81 - 47892 Acquaviva Gualdicciolo
Republic of San Marino

tel: +378 0549 910511
telefax: +378 0549 908549 / 905946

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