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The Colombini Group, founded in the Republic of San Marino in 1965 by the Colombini family, has now become one of the leading companies in the furniture industry, distributing its products in Italy and abroad – with Europe, China, America and the Middle East in the lead – through the brands ColombiniCasa, Rossana and Febal Casa.
Currently led by Ivo and Emanuel Colombini, President and Chief Executive Officer, the Group, with a production area of about 250,000 square meters and over 1,000 direct and indirect collaborators, has a solid industrial structure: the six production facilities - three in San Marino, two in Italy and a structure for the Chinese domestic market - thanks to a vertically integrated production process, from raw material to finished product, ensures a first-rate offer at a competitive price.
Through the brand Colombini Casa, products are distributed across the border, becoming the datum point for those who choose for their furniture the comfort and the quality of Italian design. The Colombini Casa furniture is appreciated worldwide for its flexibility and versatility: the eight product lines of the brand guarantee product variety, from creative and colorful kids bedrooms to stylish and contemporary living areas, from functional kitchens to comfortable and cozy bedrooms.

Febal Casa, acquired by the Group in 2009, is today not only a brand but the sign of success, with 30 flagship stores active throughout Italy, selling complete furniture programs for the whole house, from kitchens to living and night areas.
Continuous training thanks to the Colombini Academy division, also guarantees the sales team personalized support to make them more competent about the product, teaching the most effective sales techniques and the use of the most modern and specific software in the industry.

The third brand part of the Group, Rossana, instead produces high-end contemporary kitchens: a landmark design, technological and qualitative for the entire sector of quality design.
The strength of Rossana is that it never limits itself to answering the market, but knows how to anticipate trends through research, creativity and development.

In Italy Rossana benefits today from a wide network of loyal outlets with exclusive showrooms in the main regions and now on the agenda an expansion of this sales network abroad.
Availability, quality and professionalism, terms that have always distinguished popular furniture brands, coordinate and confirm the success of the Colombini Group in both national and international fields.

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