The home is a special haven of relaxation and contemplation and the private dimension of one’s relationships, memories and leisure. Behind the door is an inviting refuge and living space that reflects our personality, habits and tastes.

The Home Care division of LCS works for people who want to make their homes a safer and more comfortable environment. That is why its laboratories design household detergents, room deodorizers, insecticides and fabric care products to suit various needs.

A conscious commitment to always find new solutions.
LCS is a competitive and innovative company. As a result, it focuses on research and adopts the most advanced chemical and technological solutions.

Through wise management and diligent supervision of the entire production chain, the company has always been able to preserve and maintain a high standard of professionalism. Its precision and competence in the design phase, the efficiency of its highly skilled workers, careful monitoring of each production phase and a constant interest in new market demands ensure the effectiveness and high quality standard of its products.

A profound commitment to satisfy the needs of the public in respect of the environment and a determination for continuous improvement are important factors that have always distinguished LCS and also explain the reasons for its success.


LCS S.p.A.
strada del Marano, 95 - 47896 Faetano
Republic of San Marino

Ph: +378 0549 873111
Fax: +378 0549 996452

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