Banca Sammarinese di Investimento


The Banca Sammarinese di Investimento S.p.A was founded in 2005 by a group of successful entrepreneurs from San Marino, who realised the need for a bank that would pay attention to its customers’ requirements by offering exclusive products and quality services.

The objectives of the Banca Sammarinese di Investimento S.p.A, since its origins, have been to preserve and promote its customers’ assets, establishing long-term relationships and mutual satisfaction.

These values have always distinguished our Private Banking, which over the years has reached a level of excellence and earned a prominent place in the banking panorama of San Marino.

In the course of 2012 the Banca Sammarinese di Investimento S.p.A launched a new industrial project, with the aim of expanding the company’s mission to all areas of banking with a strong conviction that a solid reality in the hands of a strong and stable shareholder base such as that of the BSI, would be able to express added value in terms of security, reliability and efficiency, which is widely demanded by customers.

The Banca Sammarinese di Investimento S.p.A has expanded its presence in the area, placing its branches in the main strongholds of the Republic, in order to ensure a level of efficient and widespread service for its own current account holders and offer them the opportunity to operate in complete circularity.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, for which we have placed a highly trained staff who are able to handle each request in a professional, quick and effective manner


BSI S.p.A.
via Monaldo da Falciano, 3 - 47891 Falciano
Republic of San Marino -

Ph: +378 0549 888801
Fax: +378 0549 888802

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