Colorificio Sammarinese


Colorificio Sammarinese is a well established Paint & Varnishes factory in the Republic of San Marino, a reference for the coloring for both the industrial and building fields.

We offer our customers a plurality of products lines that can satisfy most of customers needs. Moreover the excellent service that the company guarantees to all its supply chain, specially related to the logistic service and the technical support, either on our products and on our cutting edge colour matching system, have certainly helped to strengthen the relationships we have with our dealers out of the Italian borders.

The main sectors of our business are: products for Building, Decorative paints, Do-it-yourself, Iron and antirust treatment (Industry), Wood treatment (building–Do-it-yourself), Thinners and various auxiliary products. We are also certified producers of road marking paints and special paints for race tracks. The flagships of Colorificio Sammarinese are Colormaker Tintometric Systems, Colormaker Professional and water-based Colormaker, that allow to obtain several results with different colours, decorations and effects.


Type of partnership sought

  • Representative
  • Distributor


Colorificio Sammarinese Spa.
Via del Camerario,7 - 47891 Falciano - RSM –
Tel. +378 (0549) 905515 - Fax +378 (0549) 908453

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