Colombini Group

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Colombini Group, founded in 1965 by the Colombini family, is now led by Ivo Colombini (Group President) and Emanuel Colombini (Managing Director). The Group is the Italian leader in the brench of kids bedrooms, with a production area of around 250,000 sq.m. Its products are sold throughout Italy, and on international markets. The Group’s workforce includes almost 1000 people, among employees and co-workers.

Innovation, efficiency, quality and service are the cornerstones of the Colombini philosophy.

Colombini has a firm industrial structure, consisting of four plants in San Marino, three in Italy and one in China. Colombini Group purchases its raw materials directly from the supply markets, transforming them at its production plants that specialise in load-bearing structures and end products. Thanks to our control of the entire chain, we obtain levels of efficiency and therefore of excellent quality at a highly competitive cost.

Colombini, Febal, Rossana and Colombini China. Four brand leaders in the furniture manufacturing sector joined forces to strengthen the Colombini Group‘s position in the furniture market. This created a synergy that results in a broad product range that responds to every specific need of consumers in terms of style, budget, logistics and functionality.

Courtesy, quality and professional service are the distinguishing traits of these popular brands and provide a common foundation to sustain Colombini Group‘s success on the domestic and international markets.

Type of partnership sought

  • Agent
  • Franchising
  • Representative / Distributor
  • Large-scale distribution

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Colombini Group S.p.A.
Strada Ca’Valentino, 124
47891 Falciano
Repubblica di San Marino

Ph: +378 0549 97.56.11
Fax: +378 0549 97.59.50
Web site:

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