Banca Agricola Commerciale


Established in 1920 on the initiative of Credito Romagnolo, Banca Agricola Commerciale follows the same corporate evolution passing, over the years, under the control of Rolo Banca 1473 and UniCredit.

BAC - with eight retail branches, one private and one corporate - is deeply rooted in socio-economic fabric of the Republic of San Marino and, at the same time, opened to international markets.

In 2002 BAC set up BAC Fiduciaria SpA (trust), a company dedicated to the fiduciary and trustee activity.

In 2009 was born San Marino Life SpA, the first insurance company in the Republic of San Marino, in collaboration with BAC. The product range of San Marino Life SpA, exclusive of BAC, meets the financial needs of the HNWI target (high net worth individuals) and those typical of the retail target.

In the month of July 2011, local businessmen former members of the Istituto Bancario Sammarinese SpA (IBS), invested in BAC acquiring the company share held by UniCredit.

During 2012 the incorporation of IBS in BAC is expected .

The merger of IBS in BAC will produce a commercial network with 16 regional branches, volume of assets under custody amounted to € 1.8 billion and loans of € 0.8 billion.

The goal of BAC is to provide family customers, private and corporate the experience of its specialists, in order to structure consistent and sustainable investment/ financing proposals, while maintaining a rigorous risk control.

That prospect is projected to be developed on the needs of clients with significant assets but also with most simple traditional customers.

Such capabilities allow BAC to be considered a solid and reliable partner for all customers, individual and corporate, looking for answers in the fields of Private Banking and Corporate Finance.


Piazza Marino Tini, 26
Tel. 0549/871 111 (Centralino)
Fax 0549/871 222
Marketing (+378) 0549.871 270
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