Aqua Viva

In 2000, Dr. Giampiero Bocchini established, in San Marino, the company Aquaviva s.r.l., a facility for the production of food supplements, for his own pharmacy and in outsourcing.

In 2002, the Nutrifarma project was begun – a line of personalized food supplements made for the pharmacy channel.

In 2003, Aquaviva acquired Keforma, a brand operating in the cycling and fitness sector.

Today, Aquaviva s.r.l. distributes the Nutrifarma brand directly to over 600 pharmacies. The Keforma brand is well known to professional cyclists at international level – world famous athletes use and promote the company’s products.
Aquaviva produces food supplements for 20 other companies.

In 2013, plans have been drawn up to sell the KEFORMA line throughout the country and to distribute the Nutrifarma and Cosmesi Di Farmacia lines through 30 more agents.

New headquarters
Aquaviva operates from its new cutting-edge facility headquarters covering 1565 sq m.
23 production clean rooms have been built, all of which integrate the very latest technology.
The company has obtained ISO 9001 certification, which will enable it to operate at international level.


Adress: Via Biagio di santolino, 11
47892 Acquaviva - Republic of San Marino

Ph: (+378) 0549.941456
Fax: (+378) 0549.974287