San Marino Chamber of Commerce – Miami desk

The Miami desk of San Marino Chamber of Commerce is now operating.

The “Miami Desk” project has the purpose of promoting the internationalization of San Marino companies and to give them the chance of differentiate their activities by taking the opportunities of growth and development offered by the American market; as well as promoting its own territory and encouraging foreign businessmen to invest in San Marino.

The Republic of San Marino is an enclave microstate surrounded by Italy and situated on the north eastern side of the Italian peninsula. With a territory of 61 km² and an estimated population of 31.000, San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe after the Holy See and Monaco. Its capital is the City of San Marino. The local currency is Euro.

In 2008, the site “San Marino: Historic Centre and Mount Titano”, located in the capital and visited by more than 2 millions visitors every year,, has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mount Titano and the three towers on its three peaks (Guaita, Cesta and Montale) have always been the main symbol of the Republic of San Marino, also depicted on its flag

Doing business in the world’s smallest Republic has its benefits. Not only because the country’s strategic position in the heart of Italy makes it easy to reach from all major European capitals, but above all because investors are able to benefit from a slim lined tax system (corporate tax 17%, “Single-phase” tax of 17% on imported goods and import-related services, tax relief for profits reinvested in technological innovation, non-tangible assets, energy-saving and anti-pollution processes), safe investments and a direct link with institutions.

The Republic of San Marino has diplomatic and consular relationship with over one hundred European and non European countries and it’s a member state of numerous International Organizations such as the World Bank, the Council of Europe, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), the United Nations Organization and many of its Funds, Programs and Agencies.

Although it’s not a member state, San Marino enjoys special relationships with the European Union and shares a customs union with it through the 1991 “Cooperation and Customs Union Agreement”

The Miami desk will be operating for a first period of 2 years, with the collaboration of 8 young trainees from San Marino. They will work singularly for 5 months; the first 2 months to the San Marino Chamber of Commerce, and others 3 months to the office of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce located in Miami.

During this period of time, the companies will be able to benefit of the services offered by real persons that will be available on the American and San Marino territory.
They will be responsible specifically for the promotion of trade relations and economic interests of both San Marino and U.S. companies.

For more information please contact:

San Marino Chamber of Commerce – Miami Desk
c/o Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast
One Biscayne Tower, 2 S. Biscayne Blvd.,
Suite 1880, Miami, FL 33131

Tel. 305 577 9868
- Fax (001)305 577 3956


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